Submittal Log

An automated, custom submittals process.

Why it works.



Just get your log entered, and watch the system work. Every check-in, reminder, notification, and due date — communicated and generated effortlessly by the Roger bots.



Already using Procore or Autodesk? We’ll connect your log so you can update, access and manage the key pieces of information from a simple interface.



Only the columns you want. Click-and-type. Simple, efficient, delightful. 

The old way

Living out of spreadsheets.

Reinventing the wheel. Starting logs from scratch every project.

Constantly breaking. Always having to fix formulas.

Manual updating. Always re-opening spreadsheets to update.

Disconnected. No easy way to take notes, connect to information.

Context switching. Keep getting distracted by other tasks.

Disorganized. Running logs differently for every project.

Boring. It's hard to make spreadsheets look good.

Solitary. Hard to share with others and give real-time updates.

Stressed. The project feels out of control.

The new way

Automated and streamlined.

Instant. Just click a button and your logs are ready-to-go.

Unbreakable. No one can mess up your formulas or formatting.

A.I. assisted. Just text Roger and it'll update the log for you.

Integrated. Add notes, view history, and see linked emails.

One focused tool. Send emails, link tasks, & update in one spot.

Uniform. Every project tracks and manages logs in the same way.

Beautiful. Custom statuses, owners, and branded to impress.

Collaborative. Real-time access and updating for your team.

Relax. Roger's got your back.

Start using Roger today.

Start using Roger today.