Constraint Log

Automate and customize your constraint tracking.

Why it works.



No more chasing down your team and contractors. No more sticky notes to remember to follow-up. Roger writes the notifications and check-ins, and all you need to do is press send.



Easily share the log with every important stakeholder. Use permissions to give everyone different levels of access. Coordinate and connect information like emails, rich notes, and attachments.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Because it looks like a spreadsheet — and functions like a spreadsheet — there is no training required. Simple, delightful, and matches what everyone wants: get more done, doing the same thing as before.

The old way

Manually make & maintain your log.

Manual. Build and update your log in excel every time.

Time-Consuming. Repeatedly email team or contractors.

Inefficient. Constantly checking in on everything.

Disconnected. No easy way to take notes, connect to information.

Delays. Turns out someone missed a critical item.

Boring. It's hard to make spreadsheets look good.

Solitary. Hard to share with others and give real-time updates.

Stressed. The project feels out of control.

The new way

Let Roger run your process.

Automatic. Create instantly from a template.

Instant. Approve emails Roger drafts to follow-up.

Simple. Roger notifies you anytime something needs attention.

Integrated. Add notes, view history, link emails & closeout docs.

Finish Early. Meet deadlines, and don't spend hours worrying.

Sleek. Custom statuses, owners, and branded to impress.

Collaborative. Real-time access and updating for your team.

Relaxed. Roger’s got your back.

Start using Roger today.

Start using Roger today.